Being an Expat doesn’t put you above the law

Update: A new owner bought the restaurant and hired the entire crew of 20. I went back and had a lovely meal.

A local new restaurant that I visited a week ago had a mishap.

That’s putting it mildly.

It went out of business overnight because the owner threatened and beat up the teenage daughter of the art gallery owner next door.

The restaurant was on the best street in Merida, Paseo de Montejo. The menu was great. They had real cappuccinos. We enjoyed our visit and had plans to go back this weekend when we were in town again.

It all came crashing down when the restaurant starting putting tables in front of the next door furniture store and the owner complained about one table blocking her entrance.

The Canadian Expat owner of the restaurant went over to the gallery and beat her up. And it was caught on audio.

Check out the full article but don’t listen to the audio if you’re sensitive, it’s pretty horrible. And the followup article that clears up some things. And this article about the government shutting down the restaurant.

We have heard that the Expat has fled the country which is probably a good idea, you don’t want to go to a Mexican jail.

Expats are in their host country as a privilege. A host country could kick you out or put you in jail if you do something a bit too much. Threatening the life of a citizen is way too much.

I did a video about the differences between Expats and Immigrants that explains this further.

I love living in Mexico and I’m with all Expats in the area that this type of behavior is beyond tolerable. It’s embarrassing.