Welcome everyone to the Expat Rebel community Livestream. If you have a question be sure to put it in the chat and I’ll get to them after some announcements. If you hear a storm in the background it’s because I live right on the beach and a big tropical storm is right over us right now. I love living on a remote beach in Mexico but sometimes it can be really loud. And our living room is flooding right now.

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Show Notes


  • Our channel is growing. We are almost to 200 subscribers. Thank you to everyone of you.


  • Big thank you to Lana who’s very active in our community for a couple of more articles which I’ll be including in the next newsletter on Wednesday.
  • Pipe asked for the AirBnb links to a place I rented that had solar panels in Progreso and it’s wasn’t on AirBnb. My finance finds a lot of places off online platforms. I will have some more house tours since those have been requested from several people.

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