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Listeners have to say
"Great podcast! I really enjoy hearing the stories of how fellow expats became an expat. Very inspiring!" - Nan Akasha (Mexico)

Jason Holland
“Talking with Christopher Sherrod on Expat Rebel was such a fun and enlightening experience. I think we might have had one of the longest podcasts ever, but he gave me the space to open up and really share about my expat experience as an openly gay man living in Mexico. Living an expat life already isn’t easy, navigating a foreign culture (and sub-culture) is just as challenging. Chris gives his guests the breathing room to be authentic and share openly. It is a rare gift and something we all need in our world. Thank you Chris, I’m proud and honored to call you my friend and for getting to share my experience on your podcasts. Namaste, mi amigo, Jason.” - Mexico
"A podcast by an expat for expats." - Rick Toone (Mexico)

Rick Toone
“The Expat Rebel podcast is my top ‘go-to’ source to hear interesting, insightful & reliable insights about being an Expat from a trusted friend who’s living it as an Expat himself!” - Lana (United States)
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Moving to a new country is major. Living in a new country where almost everything is different can be a bit much. You have to get used to so much: people, habits, language, and food. 

You want to quit your job and maybe even retire early?

But you feel overwhelmed, doubting that the Expat Life is for you?

You have a ton of question and you're stuck on what to do first
You want to figure out where to move, how to meet people, live life and be free independent?

You want to know where to begin your journey?

I’ve done it many times and I would love to help you become an Expat today. Discover your next steps abroad and gain clarity. Together we focus on an actionable plan, based on your unique goals, to create the life abroad you dream about. Find out more about the packages we offer by requesting a free appointment on how we can help each other.
How We Work
  •  We take action right away so you know your plan upfront.
  •  You'll get a checklist immediately so you'll know the steps in becoming a full-time Expat right away
  •  We are fast-paced, so you won't wast your time or money, and you'll get results quickly.
  •  We ask questions, listen, and advise on how to do things.
  •  You won't be alone.
  •  Your happiness makes us happy and we like to be happy.
  •  We are here for you, we got your back.
Expat Chris in France
Expat Rebel
Book an appointment with Expat Chris and let's get you relocated.
Expat Chris in Paris

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