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My Story

Hi, this is Chris, and I’m a full-time Expat living in Mexico.

Okay, you’ve decided to go overseas. I remember waking up after moving our kids to college and the silence in my 5-bedroom house in the San Diego, California area. And it just came to me. “Let’s sell everything and travel around the world slowly, and let’s start in Thailand.” My love was on the phone in her office, so I texted her that. Later that day we had a meeting.

And the next day she said yes, let’s do it.

I immediately started selling everything.

We sold almost everything in three weeks and hit the road to finish a couple of speaking gigs before flying to Cancun, Mexico.

One of my friends was getting married in two months, south of Cancun, so we decided to go there first.

By the time of his wedding, we already decided to stay a bit longer because we were having so much fun visiting the Mayan Pyramids and enjoying the area.

That was 2016.

I’m still having a blast ticking off the pyramids I’ve visited and thoroughly enjoying the culture here.

After staying in over 20 places in the Quintana Roo and Yucatán states in Mexico, I finally settled down on the beach in Yucatán.

This is how I went from decision to living in México in just 30 days.


Last updated: 25 June 2023

Getting Ready

Since I moved so quickly, I did a few things wrong. So, here are some tips from what I’ve learned.

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