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I’m currently at the Uxmal pyramid and ruins here in Yucatán, México, just a two-hour drive from my home. Our go-to hotel is conveniently located across the street from the pyramid, and I highly recommend both the hotel and the National Park.

This charming hotel even uses real keys – a nostalgic touch! I’ve visited Uxmal many times; you can check out my latest visit in this video: Uxmal and The Lodge in Yucatan Mexico Trip

Excitingly, the Mayan Train is set to connect Cancun to Uxmal next year, making the journey more accessible. With an anticipated increase in visitors from 350,000 to over a million, we’re keen to enjoy it before the landscape transforms.

Change is inevitable everywhere. After two decades of researching retirement destinations, I realized the practicality of my ’30 Days To Expat’ approach. It demonstrates how, when you’re ready to retire, you can figure out where while doing it. I explored Yucatan México extensively before settling down, ensuring I was comfortable with the country and had a clear preference for my retirement home.

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