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“thanks for the informative newsletters about your experiences on the ground. Much better than the “official” sites with their slant on things.”

John and Elaine

“Love you attitude and information. ”


“THANK YOU!!!!   You’re so great.”


“I appreciate all the info you provide.”


“Thank you for the information.”


“Just a quick note to say that I enjoy your news letter.  Keep up the good work!”


“Great newsletter! I really enjoy hearing the stories of how fellow expats became an expat. Very inspiring!”

Nan AkashaNan Akasha (Mexico)

“The Expat Rebel podcast is my top ‘go-to’ source to hear interesting, insightful & reliable insights about being an Expat from a trusted friend who’s living it as an Expat himself!”


“Talking with Chris on Expat Rebel was such a fun and enlightening experience. I think we might have had one of the longest podcasts ever, but he gave me the space to open up and really share about my expat experience as an openly gay man living in Mexico. Living an expat life already isn’t easy, navigating a foreign culture (and sub-culture) is just as challenging. Chris gives his guests the breathing room to be authentic and share openly. It is a rare gift and something we all need in our world. Thank you Chris, I’m proud and honored to call you my friend and for getting to share my experience on your podcasts. Namaste, mi amigo.”


“Love this. I read the checklist and learned quite a few things.”


“I did review the checklist and definitely is very helpful in planning and for the big move.”


“I did review the checklist and definitely is very helpful in planning and for the big move.”


“Hi great site i really like the info”


“I am enjoying the great information . Thank you ”


“the Checklist was very helpful and has opened my eye to some of the items I need to address”


“happy to meet you and thanks for your friendly welcome”