Foreigner with money

On my way home recently I was talking to my driver Ismael about how friendly people are in México. (FYI – Due to my 2019 gran mal seizure I can’t drive)

He told him that’s because I’m a foreigner.

When he walks around his town no one says anything when you pass by each other.

My experience is completely different.

I get “buenos días” or “buenas tardes” from almost everyone I walk past. Even in the mall. So much more than I ever got in any other country.

But, that’s because I’m a gringo con dinero, a foreigner with money. Just because I don’t look Mexican or Mayan/Aztec and I wear Tommy Bahama shirts means I’m treated differently.

It’s true, I am treated differently. I’m grateful that I’m treated nicely and not worse, but I am treated differently.

And yet, I’m sad that some of my friends here in México are not just because of their skin color and background.

Mexicans that have money tend to dress nicely to make sure they stand out so they are treated differently. I even see “middle-class professionals” make sure they dress nice so they are treated differently.

In the US, Canada, and Europe you’ll see middle-class professionals wearing T-shirts and jeans and still treated nicely. Not here, you dress how you want to be treated.

My Mayan and Aztec friends are not treated kindly by some elite Mexicans because they are considered poor. And some elites have foundations to help their neighbors and give them a chance at a better life.

Having been poor and rich and coming from a Native American background in the USA I have been both sides. Which, is why I treat everyone the same. Politely.

I’m friends with my driver, personal assistant, business manager, physical therapist, and anyone else that I get help from. I look out for them. I appreciate the help. I can’t have my life without their help.

We are all people that deserve, give and receive respect. Be kind.