After a major health event I decided to write up my team-only training on hiring help for my team. When I realized that I was going to probably never going to have clients again as I recover from my gran mal seizure I decided to publish it for everyone.

Hiring people has been my primary way to making my past businesses work. I’ve had help for over twenty years starting with an accountant and then closely a virtual assistant, but also website designers, graphic designers and many other types of help that my companies needed.

This is my system I’ve learned from others and refined over the years.

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Show Notes

Hiring the right people is a big deal and I wrote this book to share my hiring process that I’ve developed since 2000 when I hired my first assistant. I will walk you through my step-by-step process to finding a virtual worker that fits you. I believe your first helper is a virtual assistant followed by an accountant soon afterward. These two hires will impact your business directly and will pay for themselves very quickly.

This process can also be applied to hiring web designers, graphic designers, and any other virtual workers that your business needs.

Grab your copy now.