Today was the first community livestream. This was pre-recorded but in the future these will be live once I figure out some more techy details.

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Show Notes


  • Welcome everyone to the Expat Rebel community Livestream. This was pre-recorded but in the future these will be live once I figure out some more techy details.
  • Ethan for Internet access question – check the channel for a video I did about that.
  • Thanks for all the comments:
    • Sophie, Green, Ricardo, Emmelie, Rafael, Judy, Andyia, MX, Jacobi, Joy, dreamers, carlos, and Madeline.
  • Big thank you to Yucatan Expat Life for featuring me recently.
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Latest Activity

  • My latest video is my first house tour of a two bedroom, 3 bath two-storey home in Centro Merida. I’ll have some more in the future.
  • My most viewed video is on what the lockdown was like in Merida Yucatan Mexico where I lived for two months before coming back to the beach. Check that out. ttps://
  • If you’re an Expat or Digital Nomad and a US Citizen check out my video on how to vote from abroad. Some of the deadlines are coming up.
  • Thank you to Joyce congratulating me on my next book “Playa del Carmen Guidebook” it comes out Tuesday and is available for pre-order on Amazon right now.
  • I’m working on a home tour of a beach home I recently stayed in Chixculub Yucatan Mexico. So look forward to that.
  • Send me ideas for videos you would like to see.


  • great question from Cheryl about what was open here in Mexico. Restaurants, stores are open just reduced hours. Ancient ruins have opened back up but only some and you’re not allowed to stop, sit or meditate. So waiting on that to change before going.
  • Should I come to Mexico? Yes, we are open with standard standard protocols. Masks in public are required and not everything is open. More details in the video.

Wrap Up

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