Life as a Resident in Mexico

Living in Mexico as a resident, I often find myself immersed in the local culture and politics. While I cannot vote in the Mexican elections because of my residency status, I’ve been closely observing the political landscape, especially during the current election season. Watching numerous political ads on YouTube has given me a unique perspective on the democratic process here, and it’s something I deeply appreciate about living in this country.

Inclusivity in Political Campaigns

One aspect of the political ads that stands out is the representation of real Mexicans. Unlike some ads that only feature rich Hispanic Mexicans or perfect models selling products for the wealthy, these political campaigns highlight everyday working Mexicans. The people in these ads look like my neighbors, the ones I see every day. This inclusivity makes the political process feel more genuine and relatable. It’s not just about catering to the elite; it’s about addressing the concerns and aspirations of the entire population.

The Power of Voting

In Mexico, every citizen has the right to vote for their leaders. This universal suffrage is a cornerstone of democracy, and it’s heartening to see everyone, from all walks of life, participating in the elections. The citizens are voting for their representatives, their policies, and ultimately, their future. This process ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, and it significantly influences the direction the country takes.

The Importance of Democratic Elections

Living in a country where the government is elected by the people gives me a sense of security, even though I cannot vote myself. The presence of regular, free, and fair elections means that the government is accountable to its citizens. This accountability fosters a sense of trust and stability. I wouldn’t want to live in a country where the government isn’t elected because such systems often lack transparency and can lead to abuses of power.

Appreciating the Right to Vote

While I may not have the right to vote in Mexico, I deeply appreciate living in a country where democracy thrives. The political ads featuring real Mexicans remind me of the inclusivity and fairness of the electoral process here. Seeing everyone get the chance to vote for their future leaders is inspiring, and it reinforces the importance of democratic values. Elections not only shape the country’s future but also ensure that the government remains a true representation of its people. Even as a resident who cannot vote, I feel a sense of safety and belonging in this vibrant democratic landscape.

Election Day Alcohol Sales

One thing that does affect everyone is that the day before election day, the entire country quits selling alcohol.