Totally depends where you go

Mexico is what you make it

When I first moved to Mexico my extended family thought I was crazy.

“It’s so dangerous there”

“What’s it like living in poverty”

Then add a US President that made fun of Mexico and they thought I was going to die at any moment.

Four and a half years later and I still love Mexico.

But, that’s because I live in nice areas.

Yes, some of Mexico I wouldn’t even drive through. But, honestly there are parts of the USA that I would say the same thing about. Just smaller areas.

Mexico has large areas where I will never visit. I’ve meet Mexicans that wouldn’t ever go to some parts of Mexico and they can blend in.

Many parts of Mexico are just not safe. The police either don’t exist or are very corrupt.

Just don’t live there. Problem solved.

I live in a nice condo and I have lived in nice houses and even a resort once. I felt safe all the time. If I didn’t feel safe I would leave.

Well, right now due to tourism returning the Tulum area in Quintana Roo is unsafe.

There is a big drug war with people have old Western style shoot outs in the middle of the street in downtown Tulum.

It’s gotten so bad that the Mexican National Guard has shown up to help stabilize the area.

When a huge tourism spot starts to make the US papers then you know there is a big problem and Mexico is trying to clamp down on it.

In a month or two it’ll probably settle down as one cartel will win. But, it’ll be a bit dangerous in the mean time.

And before the cartel war in Tulum I was never a fan of Tulum. It has California prices, it’s too hip for it’s own good. Only resorts are on the beach and the town is not near the beach. I loved Playa del Carmen and still go there for vacation but Tulum is just so overrated and now dangerous.

Mexico isn’t perfect. But, no country is perfect. Parts of Mexico I find to be really great and special. I love living so close to fantastic National Parks that have ancient Mayan or Aztec pyramids. I love visiting cenotes in the summer. I love the culture and the people here. I just choose to live in nice neighborhoods and states that are safe.