Limited option if you’re already in México on an expired tourist visa

México just recently came out with a new temporary residency program. It has quite a few qualifications and many Expat residents are not happy about it.

If you are already in México and you entered with a tourist visa that is expired and it’s expired at any time since the pandemic started in 2019 then you can apply for temporary residency without leaving México.

How long this program with last who knows. So if you qualify check it out.

Expats that are already residents are upset because they have had to either buy a home over a certain value or had to prove enough retirement income. Plus they have had to exit México and reenter with all the paperwork.

And now with this program you don’t have to prove anything. But, it only applies under very specific conditions.

If you come into México now will this program still exist after your 6-month tourist visa expires? Who knows.

The program isn’t been marketed. It’s, so far, kinda of hush hush.

I know a helper here in Yucatán México that has helped several people do all the paperwork at the Immigration office.

There are fees for the helper, expired tourist visa fee and how many years you want temporary residency up to 4 years fee.

I’ve updated my Mérida and Yucatán Beach Guidebook with the helper I know that has done several of them so far. If you are interested in that or all my resources for this area then check out that guidebook.

Mérida and Yucatán Beach Guidebook

I will have additional updates as I update my beach home I just purchased. My electian and plumber are doing a great job. We just bought some stone scones for US$21 a piece that are being custom made for us. All hand done stone work. I’ll be adding these people to the guidebook once I have positive results. Plus, later today I have a custom wood worker coming to my home about custom end tables and built-in closet.