I updated my Playa del Carmen 2022 Guidebook (Expat Rebel Travel Guide): The ultimate locals guidebook to visiting or moving to Playa del Carmen Mexico – Amazon Kindle eBook last week with what’s new.

If you intend to visit or retire to Playa del Carmen, have a look at this book. Many tips to make it much easier for you.

One big tip is to be careful on 5th Avenue, don’t use the ATMs, don’t buy any drugs as many gangs are trying to control the area and the police shakedown tourist if they see you buy from dealers.

Not paying bribes is easy if you didn’t do anything wrong, but drugs are a gray zone.

As this article, Mexico’s 5-gram marijuana law goes up in smoke shows that  the possession of any amount of marijuana in Mexico is no longer technically illegal as long as it is for recreational purposes. Police on 5th won’t tell you that and pressure you to leave all your cash with them.

So, just be careful on 5th, it’s a crazy walking street that is fun to walk, but it’s the epicenter of so many scams due to the high number of tourists.