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  • Heat Wave and My Solar System
  • Mother’s Day Differences

Solar Power & Heat Wave: Surviving the Sweltering Summer

The past week has seen scorching temperatures in our area, with the mercury soaring to 37°C on the beach and a sweltering 41°C in the bustling city of Mérida, Yucatán, México. While the beach offers some respite with the cooling Gulf waters and our trusty pool, the city dwellers haven’t been as fortunate.

– Mexico heat wave triggers ‘exceptional’ power outages, president says

A Night Without Power: Solar System Saves the Day

Just when we thought we could weather the heat, a power outage struck two nights ago, leaving us in the dark and the heat. Earlier that day, we received a peculiar solar system message indicating an issue with the battery. As night fell and the electricity went out around 7 PM, we found ourselves without power. A cold shower was a brief reprieve before resigning ourselves to a fan-less, stifling night.

Thankfully, power was restored, and our solar installer promptly addressed the battery issue the next day. Turns out, a faulty breaker was to blame, but it was swiftly fixed, restoring our peace of mind and comfort.
Broken breaker replaced
Broken breaker replaced

Solar Worth It? Our Experience

Recently, we were asked about our experience with our solar system and if we had any regrets. Our verdict? We absolutely love it. However, if we had to do it all over again, we would have consulted with the solar installer before purchasing our air conditioning units. These units, while powerful, are too large to run efficiently on solar power, leaving us in the lurch during power outages.

I still have have an electricity bill that during the hot months is like US$150 a month and during the cool months US$5 a month. All because of the aircons.

Despite this setback, we’ve found ways to cope, relying on other cooling methods during outages and enjoying significantly reduced electricity bills throughout the year. The key takeaway? Consult with a professional before investing in major appliances to ensure compatibility with your solar system.

Mothers Day Around The World

As we bask in the warmth of Mother’s Day celebrations, it’s worth noting that this special day isn’t universally celebrated on the same date. While Mexican Mother’s Day fell yesterday, the US and many other countries will honor mothers tomorrow. The intricacies of these varied dates are fascinating and highlight the diverse cultural traditions surrounding this cherished occasion.

So, here in México, we’re fortunate to celebrate Mother’s Day twice, recognizing the invaluable role of mothers across the globe.

How these come on different days is actually really complicated. Here is wikipedia article on every country.

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