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In this issue:

  • Easy Celsius to Fahrenheit converter you can do in your head
  • Michelin Stars in México
  • Luggage gets you jail time
  • Photos of the week in paradise

Celsius Made Simple

New expats often struggle with Celsius. Outside the U.S., Celsius is the standard, so if you haven’t mastered it yet, here’s an easy guide to help you understand the temperature differences without doing any math.

Understanding Celsius: A Simple Guide for Americans to Grasp Temperature Differences – Expat Rebel

Great Restaurants

One of the most common questions expats ask is about finding great food that isn’t Mexican. Did you know that México has Michelin-starred restaurants? I’ve enjoyed some fantastic meals here, and the service is top-notch.

All The Stars From The MICHELIN Guide Mexico 2024 – Expat Rebel

Check Your Luggage

Several Americans have been arrested and jailed for having bullets in their luggage at Turks and Caicos. Always unpack and repack your bags from scratch before traveling. Some countries have zero tolerance for such mistakes.

Multiple American Tourists Arrested At Turks And Caicos Airport For Ammunition Possession – Expat Rebel

Photos Of The Week

México in 1794
Mexico in 1794

Our cat Ixchel
Ixchel our cat chillin’

Sunrise on the beach
Sunrise on the beach

Neighbors boat at sunrise
Neighbors boat at sunrise

Me floating in the Gulf
Me floating in the Gulf


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