Christopher Sherrod

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Expat Chris moved to Mexico in October 2016. He wanted to travel around the world slowly after an health scare back in San Diego California.

He moved to Playa del Carmen for 45 days to attend a friends wedding nearby and fell in love with the area. After trying over 20 different rentals in the area he and his life partner Nan moved to the Yucatan Beach communities and settled down.

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Christopher Sherrod

Expat Rebel host Christopher Sherrod is an American Expat currently living in Chixculub Yucatan Mexico on the beach.

Expat Chris is from the San Diego, CA area and first came to stay in Mexico in October 2016 a month before the US Presidential election. He and his love choose Playa del Carmen due to a friend getting married a month later at a nearby resort. The trip was the start of slowing traveling around the world. Chris had a health scare in the US and choose to live out his remaining days slowly seeing the world.

He learned how to chill out living in Mexico and also got some alternative health care that changed his health outlook. Mexico helped him recover and live life to it’s fullest.

They heard that the Yucatan Beach communities had lots of beach homes which all of Quintana Roo have barely any so choose to move to Chixculub.

Chris got into filmmaking as a hobby while recovering from two brain seizures and started sharing his Expat Life. Expat Rebel came out of that.

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