A few nights ago we were watching some movie and getting close to going to bed when some neighbors rang our doorbell yelling “tortugas, tortugas”.

The previous owner did tell us that turtles sometimes lay eggs in front of our house so we instantly knew that some had just hatched.

We rushed downstairs to find over 50 sea turtles had hatched on the beach in front of our house. And instead of paddling off to the Gulf of Mexico, they decided to waddle towards our house.

One of our neighbors first noticed the issue when some walked into his living room.

We opened our beach gate and let our neighbors come in to help guide the baby turtles in the right direction.

Sea Turtles

Ten baby turtles fell into our pool construction and had to be rescued.

Turtles in pool construction

Four neighborhood kids even crawled under our palapa to make sure none were hiding out underneath that.

One of our neighbors has lived here their entire life and only experienced sea turtles hatching twice.

He told us “you are very lucky, this is your welcome to your new house”. And I completely agree with that.

It was a huge welcome to the neighborhood for us and a top 10 moment in life as well.

It was lovely to experience.

I love my experiences living in México.