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Latest Feedback

I got this feedback “THANK YOU!!!! You’re so great.” from Marion, a fellow community member.

Please reach out to me if something resonates with you, it helps me know what types of articles you like reading.

Quietest and Busiest Easter Ever

Easter here in the Yucatán beach area of México was the busiest I’ve ever seen. Everyone came to the beach, the weather was ideal and people had a great time.

We didn’t have any issues with noise, but the electricity going out for hours at a time could have prevented some big speakers from being powered.

Our solar system and backup battery made all the electricity outages barely noticeable.

A helicopter flew over on Easter twice to make sure everyone was doing okay.

We saw kayaks, wave runners, cruisers, standup paddleboards and swimmers with buoys.

Kids go back to school on Monday, so this weekend will be the last hurray before going back to a quiet hardly anyone lives here remote beach area.

World Expat News

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