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In this issue:

  • Adults-only airlines
  • Cancun hotel have deals right now
  • Theft of passports happen more often in this scenario
  • No legal weed in Costa Rica for now
  • Expat Life This Weeks Photos
  • And more Expat News

Expat Life This Week

Many of you ask what’s it like to live in a foreign country and so this week I will show you with some photos.

I’ve been enjoying the sunrises and sunsets. Got a nice photo of me in the Golfo de México during sunset.

Sunrise in Yucatan Mexico

Chris floating in the ocean during sunset here in México
Chris floating in the ocean during sunset here in México

And we have been having fun with our cats Ixchel and Xana.

Ixchel playing with her toy
Ixchel playing with her toy

Xana helping me gardenXana helping me garden

Plus, I continue to learn Spanish. One tool (of many) I use is Duolingo and I won the August challenge.

Duolingo August Challenge

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Expat News

  • This airline is creating an adults-only section – This November, Corendon Airlines will launch an adults-only section on flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao (a small island country off Venezuela, formerly a Dutch territory). With dedicated seating for passengers ages 16 and up, the Dutch airline hopes to improve the experiences of both those with and without children. It costs extra, of course, hopefully this is a new trend that spreads.
  • Time to join Mexico’s economic fiesta – This year México overtook China to become the largest exporter to the US, while the manufacturing growth is pushing Mexico’s GDP above expectations. And with nearshoring – where companies that supply the US market move factories closer to the final consumer – set to increase, the Mexican economy’s fiesta is only just beginning.
  • ‘Dollarisation would take between nine months and two years’ in Argentina – A politian running for office in Argentina is campaigning on moving the economy to US Dollars. Panama and the Bahamas are two other countries that have been doing that for many year. Plus the underground economy is many countries is in USD. Interesting that this is being discusses but the local money in Argentina is so weak that this switch could be helpful. BTW, Argentina is a great deal right now.
  • Costa Rica Says No to Legalized Recreational Marijuana : – People are saying “keep hope” that legalization could come someday, but today it’s a big no. México is slowly making it legal.
  • Theft of passports from foreigners persists in Playa del Carmen – Robberies happen more when they leave their backpacks in cars.
  • Google adds ‘cheapest time to book’ feature – Google on Monday unveiled a “cheapest time to book” feature that will let travelers know when airfares are expected to be lowest for booking their preferred destination.
  • Why are the walks between gates at the airport so long? Most of it is by design – It’s mostly because bigger is better for the airport business, even if it’s harder on your feet. In Newark, Chicago and other cities’ airport terminals, moving walkways have been removed to make room for more shops and restaurants.
  • The US warns of crime risk in 30 states in Mexico – The US State Department has issued a new travel alert warning of crime risk in virtually all of Mexico. Six states, including Colima and Guerrero, are deemed particularly risky, while a further seven, including Baja California and Jalisco, are considered less risky but still a cause for concern. The alert covers a total of 30 of Mexico’s 32 states, and includes a request that travellers exercise caution when visiting 17 states. Despite the alert, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has emphasized the improvements made in reducing crime rates across the country.
  • Cancun: hotels lowest rates for three months to maintain occupancy – Cancun hoteliers are lowering rates by 10-15% for the three months of low season to maintain occupancy at 60%. They are also continuing promotions in the US and Mexico and offering special prices for Quintana Roo and promotions with the “day pass.” Cancun’s hoteliers are at a disadvantage compared to other destinations that have opened after the pandemic, which foreign tourists are preferring. The Cancun International Airport has been decreasing the number of flights compared to the more than 600 in a daily basis that it had been operating.
  • Carnival Cruise Line makes a clear statement on ‘mandatory’ tips – Carnival Cruise Line charges a daily “mandatory” gratuity for passengers which is distributed to service workers. These tips supplement the salaries of the onboard service workers, but do not pay their salaries. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line allow passengers to adjust or eliminate these tips but it is not encouraged. These mandatory gratuities are distributed to workers in the tip pool on top of their contracted salaries.
  • Upscale all-inclusive resorts embrace elevated wristbands – Upscale all-inclusive resorts are embracing tech-enabled wristbands that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. At properties such as the Margaritaville Beach Resort Cap Cana and Karisma’s Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts, wristbands are used as room keys and for making purchases on-property. Travel advisors have noted a growing trend of wristbands that look more like bracelets, such as Hilton’s Easy Go Bands, which are accompanied by a website portal for booking reservations and viewing activities calendars. Guests have provided positive feedback about the convenience and ease of use of these elevated wristbands.
  • An international survey places Mexico as the mecca for expats looking for friends – Mexico has been ranked as the best place for expatriates for the tenth consecutive year according to a survey. The survey focused on the quality of culture, sympathy of the nationals and ease of finding friends. The country is the first in ease of settling legally and working, first in the sympathy of the locals with whom they interact and has unparalleled ease of making friends.
  • New York Is About to Enforce Its Airbnb Rules. Hosts and Guests Are Scrambling – New short-term rental regulations could eliminate huge blocks of listings for visitors looking for options beyond hotels.