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  • Differences between Halloween, Day Of The Dead and Hanal Pixán
  • Secret Of Mexican Malls
  • What to Know About Tipping on a Cruise
  • Acapulco Is A Disaster Will Take 12 to 18 months To Repair
  • AirBnb Extortion
  • Airlines Are Poaching Top Flyers
  • And more Expat News

Halloween / Day Of The Dead / Hanal Pixán

Halloween is October 31st. Day Of The Dead which is celebration of loved ones that have passed on is on November 1st & 2nd. A celebration that I really think is missing in the world. And a local Maya custom Hanal Pixán which is also different celebrated from October 31 and ending on November 2.

Myths and realities about Hanal Pixán in Yucatán – “Different activities are carried out, as well as an altar where food and drinks are offered to the deceased.”

Day Of The Dead isn’t so big here in Yucatán México compared to México City where it is way more popular. And Halloween here in Yucatán is still a bit new and only geared towards kids.

With modern life, of course, festivals fall on the weekend before depending on when these dates occur during weekdays. Last weekend was most of it. Some on Thursday. And now the mall is being decorated for Christmas.

Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Someone dressed up in a Hawaiian shirt open with a t-shirt under it with expat facebook posts that were hilarious. I had to share.

  • “I’m coming next March will it rain?”
  • “I’m moving to Playa for 2 months, where can I get a 4 bedroom house in centro for $300 pesos?”
  • “Anyone know where to find American products so I can feel like I’m at home. I can’t go to Walmart as a I got ketchup thrown on me and lost my wallet and my cat?”
  • “I’m a Life Coach, looking for a good inter-work sharing space to web bond chakra energies with a few other breathing, healing shamans.”
  • “Where can I go to dinner where the waiters speak American and the menus are in American money?”
  • “What time does the construction stop? How much is a taxi from PDC to México City?”

The photo of the expat went viral. The names of the people that posted these questions were real. I don’t want to embarrass anyone for simply asking a question so I won’t post the photo.

All the questions are extremely newbie from people that haven’t even done a Google search.

  • No one can predict rain. And in México and many countries there is no local weather radar so predictions are done only from satellites images. Yes, there are rainy seasons but asking a month or more in advance will it rain in an entire month is just dumb. Yes, it’s going to rain.
  • A 4-bedroom house anywhere for $MX300 a month is ridiculous. That’s roughly US$18 a month. I’ve never seen anything even close to that. Once I saw a really horrible hotel room for US$20 a night but I laughed and stayed somewhere else. Maybe the meant US$300 thinking pesos are the same, but Playa doesn’t have something that big for that little either.
  • American products is a common question. I don’t honestly understand this because the grocery stores are really nice and have everything. Yes, the really poor grocery stores don’t have much of a selection but our Chedraui Selecto and next door Costco plus a Walmart have everything we need. I don’t miss anything. I also like a lot of local cuisine. Hello, it’s Mexican food, the number two restaurant type in the US behind pizza. Sorry, nothing beats pizza. Even here in México. All hail pizza.
  • Life coaches looking for business from other expats locally is very common. Obviously they don’t have an email list, audience or any successful marketing at all if they are doing that. How successful a life coach are they? Ok, I’ll get off my soap box about it, but you’ll see this a lot.
  • Construction noises is a real problem. Complaining usually get you nowhere. In Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo México and the entire state really it’s happening all the time. Move somewhere else. And a taxi from México City to Playa del Carmen is ridiculous. That’s over a two day drive. Someone hasn’t looked at a map. Take a bus or fly.

These questions on expat groups are extremely common. Being an expat is not for everyone. That is why I wrote my 30 Days to Expat guide to get people to do an exploratory trip and live more like a resident to see if you can do it and then find where you like to stay. I would never had thought I would move to México. But, on a two month stay México changed my mind.

Photo Of The Week

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