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México Bien Fin (Week before Black Friday and similar hit four days), Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Native America Heritage Day (last Friday) and today Cyber Monday are nearly over and the big holidays are coming on fast.

And my little vacation to Uxmal was lovely. I hit a record on number of steps since I started using Apple Health touring Uxmal and the nearby Cacao Museum, which I highly recommend.

Uxmal Ruin
Uxmal Ruins

Uxmal Resort Breakfast

Uxmal Resort
Uxmal Resort

Cacao Museum
Cacao Museum

Got caught in Buen Fin craziness at the mall on the way home. I just left since everything had a line and went home.

Mall Ice Skating
Ice Skating In A Mexican Mall

Thanksgiving this year here in México was different for me. My family in the US were super busy and we couldn’t connect. Usual we have a FaceTime video call. It was the busiest Thanksgiving in history and  Black Friday was a dud. People are focusing more on spending time together and less on buying stuff. I’m that way too. Next time I’m scheduling an appointment with my own family for a call.

Instead of stuff we bought a seawall due to beach erosion. Here are the temporary sandbags while the permit and supplies are obtained.

Beach Erosion
Our beach erosion temporary sandbags

I’m now getting ready to go to a retreat in Puerto Aventuras in Quintana Roo, just one state over.

If you’re going to be on the area let me know and we can grab a coffee. I will have some days off while I work on my “Guide to Expat Living in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico” coming out early next year.

PA, as we call it, is a great gated community that is safe and very nice. Lots of boats. Nice condos selection as well.

Puerto Aventuras
PA from condo view

Last Retreat I went to

It’s the best place in all of Quintana Roo, in my opinion, and an excellent place to visit or have a retirement condo.

It’s very nice. It reminds me of a mini San Diego harbor.

See you all next week.