Expat Depression

Moving to a foreign country and being retired can lead to the blues and being bored. Boredom is a real issue for new expats.

Some expats have feelings of sadness, boredom, frustration, and being lonely.

Some of it is being retired or semi-retired and not knowing how to fill in the time. When you go from working so much and spending time with family to doing anything you want it’s a major change. And some of it is what to do in a foreign country and culture shock. Some are even depressed because they have life that many can’t even dream of.

I’ve seen a lot of new expats drink and become borderline alcoholics. Especially, the first couple of years.

Eventually, those expats move on to something else as being drunk daily becomes boring.

Being bored at first is a good thing. It will give you a void to figure out what you want to fill it in with.

Being unplugged from all the news back home also helps. This is your time to unwind and figure out what you’re going to do.

Culture Shock

Many expats go thru culture shock. Most of those are because they went from their home country to a foreign country suddenly without trying it out.

I’ve meet quite a few expats that went from the US or Canada to México only after a few vacations and not living like a local first.

That is why I recommend people try living in some short-term places before making a home purchase or settling down completely. I stayed in almost 30 places before buying a home in México for instance.

Most expats make friends with other expats so culture shock is really up to you and where you move to. More international locations have a ton of expats to hang out with and other more local towns have almost none. It’s up to you. Try some different experiences and figure out what you like.

My neighbors are all Mexican. One is pretty wealthy and uses his beach home as a weekend place when he feels like it. Another I rarely see and he’s so quiet I really have no idea if he’s here or not.

How To Deal With Expat Boredom

Expat depression kicks in when being homesick or culture shock just doesn’t go away. Here are some suggestions on how to get out of boredom and live your dream life.


Now that you have lots of available time to do whatever you like you can learn to be more creative.

I do a Spanish lesson every day on Duolingo and practice my Spanish when I’m out of the house.

I’m enjoying writing a novel and vlogging my adventures and home renovations as well.

I’ve also gotten into health more. I’m seeing a physical therapist and eating a very alkaline breakfast for instance.

I’m also learning to acrylic paint. Got to finish a house project before I can start doing it again.

I would love to learn how to play the piano but I just haven’t had the time yet. I think once the last of the renovations happen I’ll be able to squeeze that in.


And I love listening to a new album every day from 1001albumsgenerator.com and progarchives.com because I really like Progressive Rock. I also enjoy Apple Music suggestions, they know my taste really well now.

Plus, I’m reading a lot on my Kindle using Amazon and Libby app to check out library books. I love reading in my palapa overlooking the ocean.


And, I talk to family back home almost every day. Facetiming how to use a French Press recently to one of my daughters who is just getting into coffee. Getting on a Zoom Video call with a friend. Texting my parents what’s new in life.

With technology today I don’t feel very far away from anyone. Friends and family just need to text first to see if my available in between my creative sessions.


Now that you’re unplugged, being creative, and appreciating life more you can add in being grateful.

I meditate every day and actively appreciate everything I have in my life. I’ve worked hard on getting here. I’m super grateful I have this time to be creative and enjoy life.

Everything makes sense and my super happy.


These are just some things that I do, everyone is different. There is plenty to do. You can’t do it all so you get to pick and concentrate on what makes you happiest. You can cure your expat boredom by enjoying all that is life.