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In this issue:

  • Airbnb says value over hotels
  • Cancun: violent taxis will lose their permits due to attacks on Uber
  • Beware of real estate scams
  • What is Airplane mode really
  • Enjoying the Mexican park system
  • And more Expat News

Instagram Reel - Walk In The ParkEnjoying A Good Park

I love nature and that is one of the reasons we bought a home on the beach here in México. My view is palm trees and the Golfo de México.

I also like Maya Ruins and their ancient pyramids. I’ve been to a lot of them.

Yesterday, we stopped at a ruin just for a nature walk. Lots of flowers, butterflies and yes ruins. We had a lovely quiet time and then went into the big city of Mérida for shopping and a doctor appointment.

Here is a short Instagram Reel of the park.

Expat News

  • What Happens If You Don’t Put Your Phone Into Airplane Mode? – “Technically, you would then be disobeying crew member instructions and that is a federal offense,” Laurie says. Depending on the plane, as some newer ones have “no cell phone” lights that have replaced “no smoking” lights, “you’re disobeying crew member instructions, and you’re disobeying lighted signs and posted placards. You could actually be charged with two offenses.”
  • CEO plays up Airbnb’s value over hotels – During a call with analysts on Thursday, Chesky said that Airbnb prices in North America were down 1% in Q2. With hotel pricing on an extended upswing, rising an estimated 4% to 10% for the quarter, Chesky said he believes Airbnb offers a better value proposition.
  • 8 Things I Would Never Wear on a Flight as a Travel Editor Here’s our agreed-upon list on the things to never wear on a flight and what to wear instead from pants, to shoes
  • Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio assassinated – long story but this isn’t good for Ecuador uptick in violence, expats are questioning if it’s safe enough
  • Cancun: violent taxis will lose their permits due to attacks on Uber – The Quintana Roo government announced new reforms to the State Mobility Law, so that the Mobility Institute can immediately withdraw taxi concessions from all those operators who are involved in acts of violence against other platform or private service drivers.
  • Mexico women’s team wins the silver medal in the Archery World Cup – The women’s team of Mexico won the silver medal in the compound modality of the Archery World Cup that is held in Berlin, after falling in the final against India by 235-229.
  • Stronger Mexican peso could pose challenges for US-Mexico Logistics Industry – Mexico’s nearshoring wave has helped the manufacturing industry boom across the country, but a strengthening peso and tightening trucking capacity could create challenges for cross-border trade with the U.S., experts said. “The further south, the longer miles, the longer cost, the bigger impact you’ll see from that impact on the exchange rate,” Silver said. “Something shipping out of Monterrey, Mexico, has a short transit, less fuel costs, the cost is lower to operate, you just don’t feel the impact as much as you do from southern Mexico, and there’s a lot more that’s getting produced in southern Mexico right now.”
  • Beware of real estate scams, authorities warn (English) & LEGISLADORES LOCALES VAN POR NORMATIVA PARA COMBATIR FRAUDES INMOBILIARIOS – Yucatan Ahora (Espanol) – “Every year, the media reports dozens of cases of people who fall victims of a scam with land purchased at low prices or in terms of monthly payments. Also, in the case of investment lots, there are testimonials from people who acquire an alleged property that they are not even allowed to see physically.” “From 2018 to date, authorities in these states have warned buyers to verify the legality of these lands so as not to fall into fraud. Going to a notary public or an expert real estate lawyer is the best option.”
  • Costa Rican Surfer Takes Third in US Open : “The Costa Rican surfer Leilani McGonagle made her country proud this past weekend by clinching an impressive third place finish at the 2023 US Open surfing competition in Huntington Beach, California.”
  • Ailing and baby hummingbirds nursed to health at woman’s apartment-turned-clinic in Mexico City – Heart warming story about With dozens of the tiny birds buzzing overhead, along walls and the window of her bedroom, Lattouf explained that she began caring for them a year after surviving colon cancer in 2011. It started with one hummingbird that had an eye injured by another bird.