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  • American Travelers Are Shunning the U.S. for Europe
  • Europe’s travel authorization system (not a visa) is coming soon. Maybe.
  • 5 tips for embracing mindful travel
  • To Drive or Not to Drive in Mexico
  • And more Expat News

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Expat Life This Week

I’ve had a very busy week with life. Our kitten apparently got in a nasty cat fight and came crawling back home. One vet visit later and some apparently great pain killers based on her drunk-like walking around afterwards she is doing fine. She’s now an indoor cat. Our other cat hates being inside for very long but never has any issues so she stays outside and a daily visit inside to say hi. She sits next to me in one of my outdoor chairs while I read.

Xchele super hungry after not eating for two days

Xele enjoying our pool deck

Expat News