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In this issue:

  • Costa Rica: Increased Period of Stay to 180 days for some visitors
  • 7 Countries Where You Can Afford to Retire by the Beach
  • The End of Airbnb in New York
  • Keeping Your Electronics Safe While You Travel
  • New cruise ships launched
  • Jimmy Buffett Tribute – How Buffett made so many Expats
  • And more Expat News

Jimmy Buffet Made Me An Expat

Last week the legendary Jimmy Buffett passed away and lots of musician I love have been passing on lately. I’m getting up in age where my music idols when I was growing up are moving on.

But, Jimmy Buffett was one that showed me a slower life and how to enjoy it more.

Years later I moved to México and live a much slower life which I love. I’m living a Jimmy Buffett album and it’s really great.

I wrote and record a special episode of my podcast to pay him tribute. After you read/listen to that make sure you listen to your favorite songs of his.

Jimmy Buffett
How Jimmy Buffett made me an expat

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Expat Photo Of The Week

We have been enjoying the sunrises and sunsets a lot.

Sunset with boat

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