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  • Venice will give day-tripper fee a test run
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  • How to Choose the Best Seats on a Plane
  • Expat Photo Of The Week
  • Independence Day In México
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Independence Days Of Your New Resident Country

If you’re an expat already or are planning on being one you are going to be in a country that has an independence day that is not your home country.

Today is Independence here in México. We heard fireworks at midnight and this weekend starting yesterday is much like what you are used to back home. Parties, music and food.

Our maid came a day earlier because of the holiday so she can celebrate with family and friends.

We’ll expect it to be crowded here on the beach and louder than normal.

We sent WhatsApp text messages to everyone we know here in México saying “¡Te deseo un feliz Día de la Independencia Mexicana lleno de alegría y orgullo!” which means “Wishing you a happy Mexican Independence Day filled with joy and pride!”

Expat Photo Of The Week

Here on the coast of Yucatán México on the Gulfo de México it is not known for surfing. In fact, it’s aweful for surfing. The waves just don’t get that big. Most mornings the Gulfo is completely flat, it looks like a big lake.

But, it is excellent for Kite Surfing on most afternoons when the wind comes out to play.

Last night after watching the sunset someone came out with their gear and zipped back and forth while the light faded.

Kite Surfing

The wind is so consistant here that there are some kite surfing schools based here.

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