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In this issue:

  • 2023 Global Retirement Index Is Out
  • US FAA Shutting Down?
  • Delta Apologizes For Recent Changes
  • Bright Ideas In Travel 2023
  • Google’s AI adds new capabilities in travel planning
  • And more Expat News

Welcome back to a double issue as I was away for a week.

Low Cost Rentals

Someone asked me about renting a place for under US$1000 a month.

This studio is about US$676 a month and they don’t say how far the beach is but I know this area and it’s at most a few minutes away on foot.

These type of deals are around throughout Latin America but it’s best to see them in person first. Get a hotel or Airbnb beforehand.

Visitor Tourist Visa Research Example

I wrote an article about researching what you’re requirements to visit a country as a tourist. Recent question I got.

It varies a lot depending on your passport country. USA, Canada and Europe are treated really nice and typically get them while flying in on the plane. Other countries have to apply in advance or just not allowed at all.

Visa Research

Check out the article on figuring all that out.

Travel News