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In this issue:

  • Ecuador murders up amongst criminals
  • China is buying up Peru
  • Conde Nast Traveler Top of 2023 articles
  • US FAA Not Shutting Down
  • 6 Places In Mexico Where You Can Live For Under $1,250 A Month
  • And more Expat News

Photos Of The Week

I love living on the beach because I can get up right before sunrise and go for a nice sunrise beach walk. This week I saw a lot of flamingos moving to another feeding group.

Flamingos Flying

And a crane fishing from the beach

Crane fishing at sunrise

Recent Comments

The first video podcast on YouTube got a nice comment and email.

YouTube comment

Email comment

Buying Electronics In México

My Apple TV Siri Remote quit working so I went to iStore in my favorite mall in the big city of Mérida and they don’t sell it by it’s self anymore. And no other stores in the mall sell it. Because it has a battery in it I can’t get it shipped from Amazon MX or Amazon US and get it delivered here. Some electronics with batteries are not allowed into México via Amazon. You have to get them at a store but I have to buy an entire Apple TV again, even though my remote is the only part that doesn’t work.

My experience is having someone buy it in the US for me and shipping it down via DHL means I have to pay an import tax which is very high for electronics. Probably cheaper to buy a new Apple TV 4K.

Just an example of some modern inconveniences I sometimes run into living full-time in Mexico.

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