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Currently soaking up the sun in Puerto Aventuras (PA), Quintana Roo, México for a retreat filled with relaxation and writing. Anticipating indulging in pizzas and nachos while savoring the stunning views.

For me, PA stands out as the best area in Quintana Roo. Unlike the hotels of Cancun, the non-stop party vibe in Playa del Carmen, or the pricey yoga retreats of Tulum, PA is where real people live. Nestled in a gated community adorned with boats and condos, this town has captured my heart.

PA Boats

While still maintaining its authentic Mexican charm, PA has the convenience of English speakers, prices in dollars at tourist shops, and restaurants that, while not the cheapest, are certainly more affordable than in the US or Canada—especially given its upscale ambiance.

PA Condo view

I’m currently crafting a comprehensive guidebook for the area. It will include recommendations for a realtor I’ve worked with multiple times and all the essential information you need for a delightful stay here. With six years of frequent visits under my belt, I’ve become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of this beautiful region.

PA beach chillin'

Any burning questions on your end? I’m here to spill all the local secrets!