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Hello from Puerto Aventuras, México!

I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here—lots of relaxation on the condo balcony, lazy afternoons by the pool, and indulging in some fantastic local cuisine and drinks. There’s still a few more days to go, and I’m soaking in every moment.


Sunset from loungers

Purple flower

One of the highlights of my stay has been attending yet another cacao ceremony with Christian. It’s always an incredible experience—a truly authentic Native American ceremony featuring vibrant drumming and a mesmerizing jaguar-costumed dancer. If you’d like to share in this unique experience, simply hit reply, and I’ll connect you with Christian. Trust me, he’s the best.

Cacao Ceremony

Alongside these cultural experiences, I’ve been treating myself to leisurely sunset beach walks. Recently, I got my hands on the new Apple Watch 9. Since it wasn’t available in the stores here in Yucatán, Mexico, I ordered it online and had it brought to me. This smartwatch has been my motivation to complete those daily rings, encouraging me to enjoy beautiful sunset strolls along the beach. Getting the power block that fits USB-C has been a struggle. Borrowed a friend who was visiting but she left and went back to the USA.

Apple Watch Charger

Stay tuned for more updates from my Mexican adventure!


Any burning questions on your end? I’m here to spill all the local secrets!