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Returning from a Blissful Puerto Adventuras Retreat: Highlights, Homecomings, and Upcoming Expatriate Insights!

After a delightful two-week sojourn in Puerto Adventuras, relishing breathtaking views, savoring local cuisines, and partaking in a couple of memorable events, I’m back with stories to share.

The highlight of my stay was celebrating my love’s birthday, and to make it extra special, she and her girlfriends indulged in a rejuvenating spa day nearby.

Puerto Adventuras is a marina gated town. And even the official marina office has a boat themed golf cart.
Marina Golf Cart

I tired some new restaurants as well for the guidebook.
Relax The Beach Fixed Everything
Keep Calm and Stay Anchored

She and some girlfriends went to a nearby spa.


My visits to Puerto Adventuras occur approximately every six months, a convenient retreat from my beach home in the neighboring state of Yucatán. The short 30-minute drive south from Cancun Airport makes it an ideal spot for friends to visit.

Exciting news! I’m currently compiling resources for a comprehensive Puerto Adventuras Expat Guidebook. This guide will feature insights into our trusted Realtor, providing a direct booking option that bypasses platforms like Airbnb or Booking. Our insider connection ensures not just convenience but also better prices.


Amidst the leisure, we treated ourselves to a fabulous experience — a visit from a skilled massage therapist who pampered all four of us at our condo.

On the home front, we embarked on a significant project during our absence — the installation of a beach wall. However, a sudden storm interrupted the progress, causing a slight delay.

Beach wall

Upon our return, we were greeted with a messy yard and pool, a consequence of storms and fallen palm tree debris. Our pool cleaner diligently worked to restore the sparkling blue, while our gardener spent a full day clearing dead palm branches and tending to our plants.

In a synchronized effort, we had our maid and cook attend to their duties on the same days, streamlining the process of bringing our home and yard back to their pristine state. The beach wall construction team also played their part in this orchestrated home revival.

While having a bustling team might seem overwhelming, we’ve learned that it’s more efficient to have everyone on board simultaneously. This minimizes disruptions, allowing us to swiftly restore order to our living space.

After three weeks of leisure and enjoyment in México, I’m now transitioning back to work mode, eager to pen down my experiences and insights. Stay tuned for more tales from the tropics and the upcoming Puerto Adventuras Expat Guidebook!