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Last weekend I went to a local yearly charity jazz festival on the beach here in Yucatán México.

Community Education Support

The festival aims to raise funds for children’s school supplies, which are crucial despite education being free in México. Parents still need to cover the costs of mandatory school uniforms and all the necessary supplies and books. I firmly believe that investing in education is the cornerstone of uplifting our local community. It empowers individuals to support their families and contribute positively to society. During the pandemic, the charity even provided TVs for students to watch classes and covered internet expenses when classes moved online. Each student needs approximately US$180 to $230 per year, and some have successfully graduated and moved on to university.

Party Condos And Noise Concerns

Switching gears, my love for smooth jazz led us to attend the festival, held at a picturesque condo community by the beach. While the ambiance was delightful, the experience took a turn during the performance by a Jazz Rock Fusion group, which turned out to be louder than expected. Despite my efforts with earplugs, the noise became overwhelming, prompting me to seek solace on the beach and eventually in the parking lot. This incident reminded me why I prefer the tranquility of my own home over the hustle and bustle of condo living. Complaints about noise might seem commonplace for expats, but for me, it’s a matter of health and well-being.


Condo Pool

Jazz and Pizza

Beach sunset

My love reminded me that we were going to look at this condo complex to live a few years ago and skipped even going because of it’s party reputation.

Reflections on Expat Life and Finding Meaning

Moreover, I’ve noticed a trend of excess partying among expats, often stemming from boredom or newfound freedom. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying oneself, I believe it’s essential to find meaningful pursuits beyond the party scene.

Personally, I’ve been channeling my energy into writing, both for this newsletter and for various creative projects, including poetry, memoirs, and a book on my childhood adventures in Alaska. It’s been a fulfilling journey of self-discovery and nostalgia, reminiscing about the adventures of yesteryears captured in old slides.

Me and my mom with the family Cessna 170B in Alaska
Me and my mom with our family Cessna 170B plane in Alaska mid 70s.

Moving Forward

Thank you for taking the time to read about my weekend escapades and reflections. I look forward to sharing more with you next week.

Warm regards,

Chris and Nan enjoying Jazz on the beach with Jazz in the background
Chris and Nan enjoying Jazz on the beach with Jazz in the background

Warm Regards, Chris

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