Valentine’s Day In México

Valentine’s Day was me and my loves day to go into the big-city of Mérida for groceries and shopping and of course some extra Valentine’s Day fun.

I wrote my love Nan a romantic poem the day before. We have everything we need and want so more stuff isn’t really our thing.


We look for experiences which Yucatán México has tons of.

So, we went to a local Mayan ruin just north of Mérida and on the way for us that we both love to go for a nature walk and meditate on some ruins.

The National Park DZ was closed due to construction that should have been finished by now. It was just the money stalls which they could have easily down with a fold-up table, but didn’t. We said “It’s México” and moved on.

So, on to the next stop.

We went to our favorite French breakfast place and had a great time. Saw quite a few Valentine’s Day breakfast dates. I thought I saw the same young man ending one breakfast date and coming back with another a half-hour later.


After some shopping we took a break to have a cacao drink.


Saw a lot of Expats with cute pocket pets like this puppy.


There is a Jazz beach concert coming up locally and we stopped by an Expat Bar to pickup tickets for it. Nice yearly charity event with great Jazz.


Then when I got home my cat Ixchele had chewed by laptop charger to death and didn’t die.

Cat Shame

I only go into the big city about every three weeks for doctor appointments really so the timing of her snacking on my charger was the worst ever. I ordered two chargers from Amazon MX and we are getting along with just one charger for two laptops. Most Amazon MX items take two weeks to get. We do have an Amazon warehouse in Mérida but it only stocks the very most purchased items.

Other Valentine’s Day Options

Like everywhere in the world other options for Valentine’s Day is a fancy romantic dinner and there are tons of places to do that in Mérida Yucatán México. The restaurant selection is stellar really.

We ate some middle eastern for a late lunch and took leftovers home to watch a movie with.

No matter where you live you can make the ideal day for yourself. Our day wouldn’t be much different if we lived elsewhere.

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Warm regards,

Expat Rebel Chris