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  • From Fostering to Forever: Adopting Cats in México
  • Hurricane season has started, The American Dream Has Moved Overseas, Yucatán México again deemed safest area in Latin America and more Expat News

From Fostering to Forever: Adopting Cats in México

I failed. I had three cats show up in my walled compound here in Yucatán, México, and we choose to foster them and get them healthy.

One we got fostered to an excellent home rather easily. He is a tuxedo boy, and they had another one that wanted a little brother. It’s sweet to see pictures of him in his new forever home, enjoying the good life.

The mom and daughter needed some more socializing before being adopted, and they were pretty close, so we thought they needed to stay together.

Adopting Cats In México

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Expat News

  • National Hurricane Center – hurricane season is here and you’re going to hear a lot about it (as normal). Some expats post in their local Expat Facebook about every single disturbance and a vast majority never get anyone close to them. Don’t feed into the fear. I don’t pay attention until there is a real chance it may get close to me and I have an escape plan set. I’ve had to do that twice so far. I use this US Government NOAA website to see the facts and forecasts and bypass all the fake drama. Also, it seems that the Pacific side of México get more hurricanes than the east coast.
  • Ecuador signs international agreement for the peaceful exploration of space – designed to ensure sustainable and peaceful exploration of the moon and beyond.
  • The ‘American Dream’ has moved overseas