I failed. I had three cats show up in my walled compound here in Yucatán, México, and we choose to foster them and get them healthy.

One we got fostered to an excellent home rather easily. He is a tuxedo boy, and they had another one that wanted a little brother. It’s sweet to see pictures of him in his new forever home, enjoying the good life.

The mom and daughter needed some more socializing before being adopted, and they were pretty close, so we thought they needed to stay together.

So, we feed them, petted them as much as they would allow each day and played with them until they just had to take a nap.

Kitty on couch looking super cute

And then I failed in fostering the two. I fell in love with them and officially switched from fostering to them being part of the family.

Kitty taking a nap

I honestly didn’t think our situation would work for cats. They are outdoor cats, and the mom really doesn’t like being indoors. The daughter kitten likes being inside but mostly for napping. She thinks her mom is crazy for not coming inside. They lay down on opposite sides of the sliding glass door and nap together.

Cats sliding glass door

And living on a patio in front of our pool, palapa, and Gulf of México I didn’t think would make for a good life for cats. Works great for us, but didn’t think it was workable for cats.

But, they proved me wrong. They are tough Mexican cats and are happy with their view, food, epic pets from us and fun play sessions.

Disco kitty

Living in a foreign country still surprises me after six plus years of living in México. My daughter’s cats in the US wouldn’t survive a day here. But, my Mexican cats roll around on the tile in between being adored and stare at the ocean and have a big sigh of relief as they think how lucky they stumbled above a couple that loves them so much.