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  • 4th Of July In México
  • US Passport delays continue, most LGBTQ-friendly cities in Europe and more Expat News

4th Of July In México

A reader asked what the 4th of July was like here in México. It’s only celebrated by US American Expats amongst themselves. Everyone else it was just a regular day.

I went to a private Maya cenote ceremony with some friends. For us that’s fun.

Some stay home and fire up the grill with friends and relax. Some very US American Expats places have fireworks. I’ve done a few times.

I was in Puerto Adventuras this year on the night of the 4th of July and the Dreams Resort had a brief fireworks show that I saw from my condo rental.

Playa del Carmen has quite a few resorts that do 4th of July fireworks and one year I went to a party of an US American Expat that had a very nice roof terrance that had a 360 degree view so we could watch them all.

Being an expat affords you the luxury of doing whatever you like.

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